Internal Revenue Service: Personal


Capstone Tax Consulting's Enrolled Agents and consultants understand how stressful owing taxes can be.  We have experience negotiating Offers in Compromise (settlements), Installment Agreements (partial and full payment Installment Agreements), Status 53 non-collectible, and assisting with audit reconsideration and other creative resolutions for our personal clients.  Because the IRS is more accepting of settlements for individuals than businesses, we always negotiate aggressively to settle balances whenever possible, in order to save our clients as much money as possible in their resolution.  Alternatively, we have a strong history of securing penalties and associated interest abatement for our personal clientele as well. 


State Taxing Authorities: Personal

Capstone Tax Consulting can assist with any personal liabilty owed to your respective state.  Many individuals either owe back income-taxes, or are being collected upon personally for business taxes.  We will negotiate agressively to settle balances whenever possible.  We can also negotiate maintainable terms of repayment with an Installment Agreeemtent, have your accounts placed in a "hardship status" and/or negotiate the abatement of penalties and interest.  No matter the extent or nature of your personal tax liability, we will deal with the headache on your behalf.  We pride ourselves in negotiating the best possible resolution, in turn saving you the most money possible on your resolution.