Capstone Tax Consulting, Inc. specializes in business tax relief by immediately implementing proven and sophisticated case strategies, while maintaining protection from:

  • Merchant Garnishment

  • Vendor Levy

  • Bank Levy

  • Business Closures

  • Asset Seizures

  • Payroll Protection

We will maintain all contact with the Internal Revenue Service and state taxing authorities to allow you to focus on your day-to-day business operations without fear of government interference to give you peace-of-mind.


Capstone will perfect all necessary business financial documents by reconciling bank statements, balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and business tax returns to show your business in the best possible light with the IRS and state Revenue Officers for favorable resolution to the back taxes.


Don’t wait for a revenue officer to show up at your business before getting tax help. Let the licensed professionals at Capstone from tax collections and resolve your tax debt now!

  • Business and Corporate Tax Services 

    • Return Filing 

    • C-Corporation & S-Corporation, Single Member & Multi Member LLC, Sole-Proprietorship, and Partnership, Income Tax Liabilities

    • Protection and Release from Involuntary Enforced Collection Action such as Bank Levy and Accounts Receivable Levy

    • Collection Due Process Appeals

    • Audit Reconsideration and Audit Assessment Appeals

    • Payroll and Trust Tax Liabilities and Assessments to Responsible Parties (Trust Fund Recovery Penalty) 

    • Successor Liability and Alter-Ego Assessments

    • In Business Offer In Compromises (Settlement) 

    • Installment Agreements

    • Penalty Abatement Negotiations

    • Lien Subordination