A CP-504, Notice of Intent is a precursor to a Final Notice of Intent to Levy, which will likely be received in 30-days or less. It's important you start thinking of how you want your case resolved at this point, because the IRS is posturing for enforcement actions; i.e. levies, garnishments and/or seizure of assets. 

If you have received any letter via certified mail, it is important you take time to understand what is being said. The IRS will send various letters, and some require immediate attention! If you have received an LT-11 or a 1058-Final Notice of Intent to Levy, you have only 30-days to file an appeal to protect yourself from levy action. If you file outside of the 30-day window, you can still file an Equivalency Hearing; however, you will lose your right to petition in tax court and you will not be given a hold of enforcement action while in appeals. 

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