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Combating Personal Assessments
After Thousands of Cases, Our Proven Strategy for Resolving IRS 941, Employment Tax Balances, State Sales Tax, California Employment Development Department (EDD), State Unemployment Insurance and Excise Tax cases with regard to Personal Assessment stands unrivaled.

Capstone Tax Consulting, Inc., the leader in innovative tax resolution strategies. With our extensive experience, having successfully resolved thousands of cases, we have refined a strategy that stands out as the best solution for handling IRS 941, state sales tax, California Employment Development Department (EDD), state unemployment insurance, excise tax, and employment tax balances that involve personal assessments.

The Challenge: Personal Assessments from Multiple Government Entities

In cases involving IRS 941, state sales tax, California EDD, state unemployment insurance, excise tax, and employment tax balances, it's not just the IRS that poses a threat. State tax authorities and other government entities may also personally assess business owners, members, or eligible individuals, making it a complex and potentially devastating situation for everyone involved.

The Solution: Cross-Reference Installment Agreement

Cross-Reference Installment Agreements are a strategic lifeline that Capstone Tax Consulting, Inc. provides to businesses facing these unique challenges. Our innovative approach empowers your business to address tax debts efficiently while prioritizing the financial security of all members, or assessed individuals.

How It Works in Cases with Multiple Members

  • Collective Liability: In situations where personal assessments affect multiple members, each member, or assessed individual, is personally liable for the tax debt. This creates a shared responsibility among all members, or assessed individuals.
  • Installment Agreement with Precise Structure: Your business enters into an Installment Agreement with the IRS, state tax authorities, and other relevant entities, structured to include a cross-reference designation. A lot of the magic is in that negotiation. 
  • Balancing Payments: Payments made by your business are carefully allocated using the cross-reference designation. These payments effectively reduce the personal liability of each member, or assessed individual by targeting the portion of the  businesses liability that is mirrored upon the assessed person(s).
  • Prioritizing Member Security: As payments are made, each member, or assessed individual, experiences significant relief as their personal tax assessments decrease. This approach ensures that each member, or assessed individual, sees tangible progress toward resolving their personal exposure with every step.
  • Business Continuity: Cross-Reference Installment Agreements allow your business to continue operating without the threat of dissolution, preserving the livelihood of all members, or assessed individuals.

Benefits of Cross-Reference Installment Agreements for Multiple Members

  • Fair Allocation: Each member's, or eligible individual's, personal liability is reduced in a balanced manner, ensuring fairness and equity within the group. Every payment made by the business immediately lessons the member(s) personal exposure.
  • Business Pays the Debt: The business itself assumes the responsibility of paying the tax debt, alleviating the financial stress on individual members.
  • Member Security: All members, or eligible individuals, benefit from the prioritized resolution of their personal tax assessments, offering financial relief and peace of mind.
  • Group Success: By working together to resolve the tax issue, the business and its members, or eligible individuals, can emerge stronger and more financially secure.
  • Business Preservation: The business remains stable and can continue its operations, safeguarding the interests of all members, or eligible individuals.

Your Path to Financial Security Starts Here

At Capstone Tax Consulting, Inc., we understand that personal assessments affecting multiple members create a complex financial landscape. Our business resolutions that contain Cross-Reference Installment Agreements are tailored to address these challenges strategically, ensuring that every member, or eligible individual, emerges with containment on their personal liability and are less financially exposed.

Take control of your collective financial future by deploying this powerful defense strategy. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and let our expert team guide your business and its members, or eligible individuals, toward a brighter, more secure tomorrow. Your success is our mission, and your financial security is our commitment.

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