Preserving Your Legacy:

Trust Protection and Tax Defense
At Capstone Tax Consulting, Inc., we understand that preserving your hard-earned assets and securing your family's future is your top priority. Our reputation as the leading tax resolution firm in the United States is built on a foundation of trust, expertise, and cutting-edge strategies, and we are here to ensure that your legacy remains intact and protected.

Your Legacy Trust: A Fortress of Wealth

Your historically established trust represents a sanctuary for your assets, carefully crafted to safeguard your wealth and ensure a bright future for your loved ones. Over the years, you've diligently funded this trust, watching it grow and diversify its holdings, including ownership interests in multiple LLCs. It's a testament to your commitment to securing your legacy.

The Taxing Authority Challenge: Safeguarding Your Trust
Nevertheless, life can unfold unexpectedly. Due to personal assessments stemming from historical business activities, or multiple other reasons, taxing authorities may contemplate penetrating the protective shield surrounding your trust. They might see the creator or funder of the trust as an avenue to satisfy the outstanding tax balance. In this scenario, Capstone Tax Consulting, Inc. steps forward with our cutting-edge expertise.

Our Proactive Approach:
Trust Preservation and Defensive Strategies

  • Trust Preservation: Our foremost goal is to safeguard your trust and its endeavors. We understand the intricacies of trust law and taxation, allowing us to create a robust defense strategy to shield your legacy from intrusive taxing authorities.
  • LLC Ownership Structure: Most trust's have ownership interests in multiple LLC(s) to serve as an additional layer of protection. Our experts will work diligently to maintain the legal separation between your trust and these entities while preserving your managerial role.
  • Defensive Measures: In the face of potential trust challenges, we deploy a range of defensive measures. From strategic negotiations to legal actions, we are prepared to protect your interests and maintain the integrity of your trust!
  • Future Tax Mitigation: Our experts are skilled in exploring tax mitigation strategies, ensuring that your tax liabilities are managed effectively while preserving your trust's assets.
Your Peace of Mind is Our Priority

When you partner with Capstone Tax Consulting, Inc., you're not just hiring a tax resolution firm; you're securing your legacy's future. We provide more than just expertise; we offer peace of mind. Our commitment to safeguarding your trust and its assets is unwavering.


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